Paint the world for children


Over 60 pairs of hands on deck, 400 litres of paint and indescribable enthusiasm – here is a recipe for one of the CSR campaigns joined by FAMUR. Aim: to paint the Upper Silesian Child Health Centre (GCZD) in Katowice-Ligota.

The idea to paint the walls in GCZD was born in the mind of one of the TDJ employees who, along with her child, availed of the assistance of doctors in this hospital. We did not need much persuasion to participate in this initiative. The response from the employees was amazing. More than 60 people took part in this project, including relatives of the employees of the companies related to TDJ SA, representatives of TDJ Foundation and even former employees of FAMUR – commented Anna Łomnicka, Manager of the Organisation Development Department of FAMUR SA, one of the project coordinators.

The volunteers met on a couple of weekends in June and July 2017 to refresh the walls in the Centre in which the youngest inhabitants of the region are admitted on a daily basis. The campaign was also combined with another Famur’s social project – Activity Mine. Works on the painting were going so well that they were finished ahead of schedule.

Duration June – July 2017
Range of the campaign Katowice, Silesian Voivodeship
Partnerzy akcji TDJ Estate, PGO, TDJ SA, TDJ SA Foundation, FAMUR

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We are painting the children’s hospital


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