Longwall systems

  • Shearers with electric haulage
  • Shearers with hydraulic haulage
  • Line, transition and external supports

    Powered roof supports are the essential to mining systems based on longwall systems. Since the beginning of the 1970s 200,000 supports branded FAZOS and GLINIK (the brands now owned by the FAMUR Group) were made.

    This equipment is designed to be operated with all face mining technologies used in the modern mining industry (not just coal mining). It meets the relevant safety requirements, as well as detailed criteria of European and world standards and mining regulations. Famur line supports are custom-designed as requested by the customer, using the latest design tools (3D techniques and FEM).

    Each support design is tested for durability in accredited laboratories, which is evidenced by a certificate.


    • custom design to fit the needs of customers
    • range of operation from 0.6 to 6.0 m
    • two or four leg configuration, with single, double or triple telescopic legs
    • support resistance up to 1.5 MN/m² (150 t/m²)
    • application of the operation system for the support advanced or one web back
    • equipped with extendible or articulating and extendible rigid canopies
    • uniform floor bases (divided or catamaran-type)
    • suitable for operation at strikes of up to 45° and dips up to 20°
    • equipped with electrohydraulic control with full pressure monitoring and a remote control unit with a wireless system for monitoring the pressure in supports
    • made of highest strength steel, protected against corrosion using the latest available technologies (in particular it refers to coatings used in power hydraulics: weld clad stainless steel coatings, Durachrom or other types)
  • Armoured conveyors
  • Crushers
  • Belt tail pieces
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