88% rate of return in 10 years – FAMUR SA summed up the first decade on the Warsaw Stock Exchange


The rate of return of 88%, more than PLN 1.3 billion of paid dividends and also successful acquisitions, continuous extension of product portfolio, foreign expansion as well as high efficiency achieved by constant optimization of management costs - FAMUR SA summed up 10 years from its debut on the Stock Exchange.

The shares of Famur purchased during its debut in 2006 resulted in the return of 88% to their holders at the Company’s tenth anniversary. The profits obtained by the shareholders of FAMUR SA include, among others, the current value of the companies spinned off from FAMUR SA in 2011 as a dividend in kind, payment of dividends as well as increase in capitalization of FAMUR SA

– These past 10 years from our introduction on the Warsaw Stock Exchange proved that a deliberate development strategy along with a reasonable approach to risk allows for a consistent upturn in the Company’s value; even in the presence of extremely difficult market conditions in which the mining industry has to operate in recent years. The time of recession observed in last few years significantly affected the situation of numerous mining-related companies. FAMUR quickly adapted to the changing market circumstances, and carried out a series of processes restructuring and optimizing the operation of the Company, while ensuring that the net debt ratio/EBITDA does not exceed 2.0 – says Mirosław Bendzera, the President of the Management Board of FAMUR SA – Nowadays, our structure is fitting to the current reality and we have a stable financial situation, so that the company maintains high efficiency and is recognized among the stock exchange investors – he continues.

Over the recent years, FAMUR SA conducted 11 acquisitions and thus it significantly supplemented and expanded its product portfolio. Today, FAMUR Group has the potential to comprehensively carry out projects for the mining industry worldwide. A wide range of solutions enables implementation of the development strategies on foreign markets “Go Global”. This approach results in the revenues of FAMUR SA reaching PLN 3 billion since 2006.

The majority owner of FAMUR SA is TDJ Group owned by Tomasz Domogała, and its strategy is based on long-term investments as well as consistent support in development of controlled entities.

– TDJ Group has played a key role in all major projects that ensured development to Famur. The financial potential and support of TDJ enabled, among others, numerous acquisitions in last few years, including the process of acquisition of Kopex that is being prepared now – explains Mirosław Bendzera.

FAMUR is the largest entity in TDJ Group which develops its business activity on industrial markets related to mining as well as in real estate.

– Nowadays, FAMUR is the Polish leader in its sector, and its results as well as prospects for development cause that it becomes interesting to a wider group of investors. Our ambitions do not end here. I am deeply convinced that the currently conducted acquisition of the biggest domestic rival, i.e. Kopex Group, the company being a part of our assets will have the chance to join the Polish contenders and challenge the global potentates. TDJ fully engaged in this process and supports FAMUR with its resources and expertise, in order to achieve a successful accomplishment – points out Tomasz Domogała, the owner of TDJ SA


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