Famur Famak signed a cooperation agreement with Hans Künz GmbH


On 13 April Famur Famak SA signed an agreement with an Austria-based company Hans Künz GmbH which specializes in the production of hoisting machines. In accordance with the provisions of the agreement, the company will increase the customer's annual reservation of generation capacity by 67% as compared to 2016. The contract is valid until 2020.

The agreement will be performed through the implementation of individual contracts in the framework of the generation capacity reservation. The contract permits the execution of these orders in the facilities of FAMUR FAMAK located in the European Union after they have been audited by Hans Künz GmbH. The agreement is valid until 31 December 2020, and the parties have agreed that after that time they will discuss the terms of further cooperation.

According to the estimates of the Management Board of Famur Famak, by 2020 the turnover with Hans Künz GmbH will exceed the amount of PLN 50 million a year, assuming that the sales structure of production is comparable to the present one. In 2016, revenue from sales of Famur Famak for that customer amounted to PLN 30 million.

Signing of the cooperation agreement with Hans Künz GmbH fits in the strategy for the development of our company in foreign markets. At the same time, it confirms the high standard of the services offered by Famur Famak which are recognized not only in Poland but also abroad. We are particularly pleased by the fact that the company is developing relations with the existing partners, which is a proof of their trust to us and a high opinion of our competence – says Paweł Majcherkiewicz, Deputy President of the Management Board of FAMUR FAMAK SA. –This year we are celebrating the round anniversary of cooperation with Hans Künz GmbH, which commenced 20 years ago. However, it is not the only foreign customer who is coming back to us. A similar situation was in the case of the second transshipment node for a customer from Slovakia which was brought into service in March this year. We also receive additional orders from the world’s largest transshipment terminal of bulk materials in Europe, located in Rotterdam, where we are implementing a contract for the transportation system supply. This is a proof for a positive appraisal of the implementation of this order which is planned to be completed in the second quarter of 2017 – adds Paweł Majcherkiewicz.

On 3 April 2017 FAMUR Group acquired Fugo. As part of that transaction Famur Famak SA bought 100% shares in Fugo company from Zamet Industry SA.

The acquisition of Fugo by Famur Famak is an essential complement to our production capacity – explains Paweł Majcherkiewicz. Positive assessment of market prospects in which Famur Famak operates has led us to search for additional production capacities and competences which would fit in the production profile of our company. The decision on the acquisition of Fugo allowed us to build a better base for the further development of the company, while the agreement with our Austrian partner confirms the validity of the chosen path.


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