FAMUR in the consortium with Kopex Machinery delivered a longwall system for the Tauron Group


The consortium of FAMUR SA and Kopex Machinery SA concluded a contract for the delivery of a brand-new, high-performance longwall system together with auxiliary equipment with Nowe Brzeszcze Grupa Tauron Sp. z o.o. The net value of the contract is PLN 72,400,000.

Nowe Brzeszcze longwall system is another technologically advanced project developed in cooperation with the FAMUR Group and the KOPEX Group. The subject of the contract includes machines and devices consisting, among other things, of the powered roof supports, haulage system, power generator and electrical equipment. Solutions delivered within the framework of the consortium will be used at excavations in wall 05 and 06 of the seam 510 in the Nowe Brzeszcze Mine. This contract stipulates that fully operational equipment will be delivered to the ordering party by 30 December 2016.

– In spite of a difficult situation in the mining industry in recent years, the domestic market is still a very significant part of the activity of FAMUR SA Especially now, when we can observe deep structural changes in our industry, we try even more to further strengthen the cooperation with the Polish coal sector. The development of optimal solutions allowing for the improvement of technical and cost operating efficiency is a joint responsibility of mines and mining services industry, says Mirosław Bendzera, President of the Management Board of FAMUR SA – The conclusion of the contract with Nowe Brzeszcze Grupa Tauron Sp. z o.o. proves that FAMUR is a reliable and trustworthy supplier of mining equipment. The consortium with Kopex Machinery allowed us to prepare a complex offer which turned out to be the best offer in the market in terms of price, quality and technology. The concluded contract also confirms our reliability as a partner whose equipment is the first choice for companies modernising the Polish mining industry, adds Mirosław Bendzera.


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