Polish companies among strong candidates for expansion and modernisation of industry in Argentina


Expansion of the mining sector, construction of new power plants, railway lines and transshipment ports - these are the main directions of infrastructure investments to be implemented in the coming years by the Government in Argentina. From 12 to 13 June this year Poland will be hosting an official delegation from Argentina, composed of key persons responsible for the mining industry in that country, including the Ministry Representative for Mining and the representatives of YCRT, the largest mining company in Argentina.
During the visit they will be discussing the issues relating to significant involvement of Polish companies in the modernisation and development of Argentina. The representatives of FAMUR Group and KOPEX will take part in the discussions.

With the participation of domestic companies operating in the machinery industry, the economic ties between Poland and Argentina are getting increasingly stronger. The ambitious plans of the government of Argentina with regards to expansion and modernisation of the industry, transportation networks and mining sector offer very interesting business prospects in that country for Polish companies from many economy sectors.

The visit of the representatives of the government and the companies of Argentina is a very important event which puts Poland among the major partners of Argentina for the implementation of industrial projects. The plans of Argentina for the coming years include the implementation of several infrastructure investments, mainly in the mining, railway and energy industries, the scale and the scope of which can be of great interest for many Polish companies,” says Mirosław Bendzera, CEO of FAMUR SA

The aim of the meetings at government level was to discuss the potential areas in which the Polish companies may get involved in the extensive development plans of the second largest economy in South America. The entire mining industry in Argentina is currently generating 4% of the country’s GDP. The government of Argentina is planning to increase the share of mining by supporting the investments carried out in that sector by YRCT. Furthermore, it also intends to modernize and develop the rail infrastructure, for instance in terms of railway rolling stock, traction and power supply systems, signalling equipment, railroad switches and steel profiles.

Our technical solutions have been known and appreciated in Argentina for several years. For example, the mining plants of YCRT Group are already using four Polish longwall systems and roadheaders. In the last 5 years we have completed contracts for YCRT with the value of more than 560 million,-. YCRT is planning further investments in order to secure coal supplies necessary to power the power plant of 240 MW,” says Bartosz Bielak,  the Vice-President of the Management Board of Kopex SA –We trust that the planned scale of investments in Argentina and the potential achieved through the consolidation of the mining-related industries as well as the broad product portfolio and experience of Famur and Kopex on foreign markets, including the market in Argentina, will let the integrated entities become the main partners in the planned modernization of Argentina’s industry, “ adds Bartosz Bielak.


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