Strategic alliance between FAMUR and Central Mining Institute


On 31 October of this year, FAMUR SA and the Central Mining Institute (Główny Instytut Górniczy, GIG) signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The partnership alliance will reinforce the position of both entities on the Polish market and create new opportunities for their development.

FAMUR SA and the Central Mining Institute will cooperate in the implementation of research projects in the fields of mining, geoengineering, coal processing, energy and environmental engineering as well as the development of innovative technologies and solutions for the mining industry. Both entities will exchange experience and many years of know-how in raising funds within the mining infrastructure and ongoing research. As companies strongly focused on investing in employee development, they will also strive to enhance and improve the competencies of the staff. The partners are planning to develop cooperation through educational and promotional activities, including the organisation of industry conferences promoting R&D and innovation, as well as through publications in national and international scientific periodicals.

– The mining industry in Poland is a sector with diverse needs and high requirements, therefore it needs such partnership alliances as the one between Famur and the Central Mining Institute. The collectively accumulated intellectual potential as well as many years of experience will enable the adjustment of the conducted research to the expectations of the market and customers. The aim of the cooperation is to acquire and promote practical knowledge necessary to develop innovative solutions which increase the efficiency of the raw material extraction process and work safety, especially in hazardous areas – says Mirosław Bendzera, CEO of FAMUR SA.

– We are very pleased to sign the strategic agreement with the FAMUR Group since the basic area of our Institute’s activity is the conduct of research and development activities, the results of which are put into practice. From the very establishment of the Institute, one of the main recipients of the results of our work was and still is the mining industry. We want to actively participate in the implementation of innovations in mining and we are happy to make joint efforts with the FAMUR Group in order to improve work quality and safety in the industry – mentions Stanisław Prusek, Director of the Central Mining Institute.

The agreement between the FAMUR Group and the Central Mining Institute will create new opportunities for the implementation of jointly developed solutions, which will contribute to the development of the mining industry and related sectors. The Group will bring to the cooperation model its previous experience in developing comprehensive mining solutions and handling systems as well as the knowledge of customers’ needs both on the Polish and global market. The Central Mining Institute has a qualified scientific staff and research facilities, as well as many years of experience in cooperating with the mining industry, which supplements the potential of the initiated cooperation. Thanks to the agreement, both entities will be able to manage projects more effectively and develop innovative solutions in research activities, thus increasing their competitiveness on the market.


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