The highest roof supports manufactured by FAMUR will go to Russia


FRS-GLINIK-25/55 will be the highest powered roof support that has ever been manufactured by FAMUR. 40 sections will be designed specially for the W.D. Yalevskogo mine, which belongs to the AO SUEK.

FAMUR signed the machine supply contract with the Russian customer on Tuesday, 20 June, in Moscow. – This is the first such a high roof support that has ever been manufactured by FAMUR; that makes us even more glad that it will go to the largest coal company in Russia – says Ireneusz Komoszyński, CEO of PMG SA, belonging to the FAMUR Group.

FAMUR machines are to be delivered to the mine in Prokopyevsk at the end of November this year. It is planned that they will be working on one of the more efficient walls. – This shows that FAMUR specialises in the manufacture of systems for low and medium coal seams that are more than 5m thick – adds Ireneusz Komoszyński.

This is the second contract that has been concluded by FAMUR with the Russian company AO SUEK for the supply of powered roof supports. The contract for the supply of machinery for the S.M. Kirov mine, which is also part of this concern, was signed in March.

In the photo: Dmitrij Proński (AO SUEK) and Ireneusz Komoszyński (FAMUR SA).


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