The Argentinian delegation visit to the Silesia region


Intergovernmental talks, the tour of manufacturing plants combined with the presentation of the potential of the Polish companies, and the signing of the letter of intent between the domestic companies and the largest mining company in Argentina - these are the main points of the programme of the official visit that the representatives of this country paid to the Silesia region from 12 to 13 June 2017. The participants of the delegation included the most important persons responsible for the mining industry in Argentina, inter alia, the representatives of the Ministry of Energy and Mining and YCRT. The representatives of FAMUR and KOPEX, the two companies that are now facing the merger, also took part in the talks.

The main topic of the talks held, inter alia, with the representative of the Polish Ministry of Energy and mining companies concerned the issue related to the significant involvement of the Polish companies in the development and modernisation of this industry in Argentina. The government of this country plans to carry out a number of infrastructure investments, such as the development of the mining industry and the establishment of new power distribution companies, railway lines or transshipment ports, in the coming years. The previous cooperation and the involvement of Polish companies specialising in the machinery industry in the implementation of projects in Argentina as well as extensive plans related to the industry development in this country open up a number of opportunities to significantly increase the presence of the Polish companies on this market.

During the two-day visit, the potential of the Polish companies implementing investment projects in the mining and power industry all over the world was presented. The letter of intent was also signed under which the Polish companies will cooperate with YCRT in the scope of the development of MINA 5 mine, in particular in the scope of the supply of machines, equipment and services, to meet the needs of the 240 MW coal-fired power plant in Río Turbio. The parties pledged themselves to transfer knowledge and to provide the institutional support necessary to seek better funding for joint projects.

One of the points of the meeting was the visit of the Argentine delegation in the Famur’s manufacturing plant, during which the range of machines, equipment and services offered by the company all over the world and the plan concerning the consolidation of the mining industry which is currently taking place in Poland and which consists in the integration of the machinery unit of Kopex with the FAMUR Group were presented.

The programme of meetings, including the visit in the mine, power plants and the manufacturing plant of Famur, gave the opportunity to present a number of solutions making up a complete energy generation process (from the mineral extraction by means of modern equipment, through transport systems, to the moment of obtaining energy) to the delegation. Thanks to their state-of-the-art know-how and technological capabilities, the Polish companies are ready for the comprehensive implementation of mining and energy projects. The consolidation of the mining services industry in Poland will result in the FAMUR Group having a wide portfolio of products and services and previous experiences gained by both Famur and Kopex on foreign markets, and thus becoming one of the most important partners in the planned development and modernisation of industry in Argentina.

Argentina is the second largest economy in South America. Currently, the entire mining industry represents approx. 4% of its GDP. The Argentine authorities plan to increase its share in the domestic industry, for instance, by supporting investments carried out in this industry by YRCT – the largest state-owned hard coal mining company in the country. Furthermore, the government also intends to modernise and develop the rail infrastructure in terms of the railway rolling stock, traction and power supply systems, signalling equipment, railroad switches and steel profiles.


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